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Acupressure Therapy

Acupressure Therapy

Acupressure Therapy in Langley

Acupressure is an ancient Chinese healing method that involves applying pressure to certain meridian points on the body to relieve pain. The human body has fourteen “meridians” that carry energy throughout the body. These meridians start at the fingertips, connect to the brain, and then connect to the organ associated with the specific meridian.

Acupuncture and Acupressure use the same points, but acupuncture uses needles, while Acupressure uses the gentle but firm pressure of hands. Acupressure is the most effective method for self-treatment of tension-related ailments by using the power and sensitivity of the human hand. Acupressure deals with all the aspects of a person as a whole: body, emotions, mind, and spirit as one, not as separate parts. It relaxes muscular tension and balances the vital life forces of the body.

Acupressure focuses on relieving pain and discomfort as well as on responding to tension before it develops into a “disease,” that is, before the constrictions and imbalances can do further damage. By using a combination of self-help methods, you can improve your condition as well as feel more alive, healthy, and in harmony with your life.

This treatment involves stimulating the vital-energy points along the meridians of our body to affect maximum energy flow.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, over 800 vital energy points along the meridians run from the head down to the heels, especially along either side of the spinal column. (The meridians connect the interior and exterior of the body). Every point has specific therapeutic effects on the related organ. By massaging these points, the corresponding body area receives specific therapeutic treatment. It can be used to treat internal organ diseases, relieve internal discomfort, relax, or promote the body's overall well-being.

Western scientists have shown that many of these points are located at key crossways of the autonomic nervous system. This may partly explain why they can affect pain the patient experiences in a part of the body far from where the pressure is applied. Kim's Pain Relief Acupuncture Clinic specializes in acupressure in Surrey, Langley and Abbotsford.


The Benefits

  • Relieve stress and tension

  • Relax mind and body

  • Increase blood circulation

  • Aid in the removal of toxic wastes

  • Provide relief from head, neck and shoulder aches

  • Promote the healing of injuries

  • Increase energy levels

  • Increase overall feeling of well-being

  • Decreasing labour pains


Make sure you allow your body to rest after a treatment to get the full detox benefits. This means no drugs, alcohol, sex, fasting, hard labour, strenuous exercises, etc., for the rest of the day. Stretching is recommended but not a heavy workout on the day of treatment.

Also, you should keep warm (avoiding wind or sudden changes in temperature, cold shower as well as a cold drink) to ensure your body’s boosted metabolism and self-healing process is working well. Make sure you drink lots of warm water after the treatment as well as the next couple of days to keep your body well hydrated so that it can properly eliminate toxins released during the treatment.

Treatment Specialties

ACUPRESSURE THERAPY is especially effective on:

  • Musculoskeletal & neurological disorder

  • Spinal disease

Musculoskeletal & Neurological Disorder

  • Arthritis/tendonitis/back pain/sciatica/knee/ankle/hamstring/groin/toe

  • Neck/shoulder/elbow/wrist/hand/finger/frozen shoulder/rotate cuff

  • Headache/migraine/dizziness

  • Abdomen/chest

  • Plantar fasciitis/numbness/tingling/muscle spasm/fibromyalgia/ankle sprain

Spinal disease

  • Pelvis

  • Cervical vertebrae

  • Thoracic spine

  • Lumbar spine

  • Sacral spine

  • Coccygeal spine


Let us help you find your balance and rid yourself of pain. If you simply have some questions for us, feel free to write or call our clinic.

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