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Kim's Pain Relief Acupuncture Clinic: Reviews from Our Patients

Jae Kim

Learn if our acupuncture, traditional or contemporary acupuncture or one of our other holistic treatments is right for you. Read our patients' testimonials of their experience with Kim's Pain Relief Acupuncture Clinic in Langley.


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A Holistic Treatment with Several Benefits

"I have found acupuncture to be a great holistic treatment with several benefits. After only a few treatments my overall health has greatly improved with chronic pain being significantly reduced, increased flexibility, an abundance of energy and better blood sugars. My mental health is more positive with clearer thinking and memory as well as reduced stress and mood swings related to depression and PMS. The greatest achievement has been the immediate success of treating severe diarrhea related to colitis. Truly Amazing! Thank you, Jae!"


- Heather, Langley


I Highly Recommend Kim's Gentle, Very Effective Approach

"Jae Kim is a gentle, caring, professional acupuncture doctor who inspires confidence and trust. My spirits and general health matched the dark and dreary January day I first began my treatment with him. At the time, I was afflicted with a frozen shoulder, aching knee, low back pain and a host of other ailments compounded by low energy and poor sleep habits. I was amazed how after only a few sessions, my overall pain subsided considerably. After the 6th session I was also getting relief with my insomnia and generally feeling stronger, brighter and more capable and willing to face my day and whatever challenges awaited me. I particularly appreciate how he checks in with you after your last treatment to get an update of what has transpired in between. Most importantly, Jae Kim's focus is on getting to the cause of your problem as well as dealing with the symptoms appearing in that moment. If you've ever had any acute or chronic pain, I highly recommend Kim's gentle, very effective approach in his form of acupuncture treatment."


- Heidi, Langley


Stopped Taking Painkillers

"I was worried about the needle at first, but shortly after I got the first treatment, I felt a lot better and I am totally sold on acupuncture. With the help from Jae's treatment, I now stopped taking painkillers for my arthritis. I feel much healthier and better. Thanks, Jae."


- Rachael, White Rock


I Am Quite Satisfied with His Treatment

"I went to this clinic because of the pain and discomfort from frozen shoulder. My friend recommended me to see Jae here because of his experiences and needle-less acupuncture therapy. I am afraid of needles and he treated my shoulder with virtually painless therapy. I am quite satisfied with his treatment and the pain and discomfort I had for numerous years have subsided. My hypertension has also been under control, thanks to his treatment. I find his treatment is amazing, especially for the pain like mine that painkillers and muscle relaxants do not help anymore."


- Tina, Aldergrove


Constant Migraine Is Gone!

"I had a car accident last year. That wrecked my neck, shoulder, and back. The pains got worse over the months. Physios, massage, and chiros didn't help me on the pain at all. I am always nervous with needles. Yet, Jae did treatment on me with no-needle therapy. The pains I had day and night got reduced. Tingling on my fingers had gone. The wonderful thing about the treatment is that the constant migraine is gone! Absolutely love it!"


- Charlotte, Coquitlam


An Outstanding Job

"I had chronic back pain for years and since I have been going to Kim's Pain Relief Acupuncture Clinic, the pain has gone down considerably. I would highly recommend Kim's Acupuncture Clinic to anyone that has pain. He does an outstanding job on finding where the pain is exactly and deals with it. I would rather to go to Kim's Acupuncture Clinic and get my pain dealt with than going to my own doctor. Very happy with Kim's."


- Rob, Langley

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